Carini Winery

Andrew Carini’s belief is that great wine can only be made in small quantities with ripe fruit from the very best vineyards. This is why Carini hand crafts small (50-200 case) lots of 100% varietal, vineyard designated wines. They are never chemically adjusted, filtered, watered down, centrifuged, or blended. They are the true expression of their vineyard and time of origin subtly influenced by Carini’s stylistic intervention. His winemaking is based on traditional techniques infused with new or newly revived methods and ideas. While each wine receives it own individual treatment based on many factors, Carini generally does a 3-5 day pre-fermentation cold maceration of the fruit. This is followed by a 15-30-day slow and steady fermentation in small 1-ton containers with multiple cultured and indigenous yeasts. The wine is then gently pressed directly to French oak barrels from various coopers. After several months in the barrel, the wines are racked for the first time, a process which is repeated on a semi-regular basis thereafter. Following an élevage of 18-42 months the wines are hand bottled. Nothing is ever added or taken away.

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