Puente Del Ea

Puente del Ea is a small winery(10,000cs), in the town of Salazarra, approximately 10 km from Haro, is situated in the most western part of the Rioja Alta in the highest altitudes. the winery was founded in 2001 and since 2008 has been run by its current proprietors whose aim is to create high quality wines that are true to the region but with a modern and interna-tional style. the large difference between day and night temperatures favours the high production of polyphenols, creating more structure, colour and aroma in our wines. the well draining calcareous and stony soils along with the cold rainy winters and hot, dry summers create a terroir ideal for producing puente del Ea. Oenologist, is a reference in Spain, Mr. Basilio Izquierdo, winemaker at the University of Bordeaux was for more than 30 years head of winery in CVNE. The winery is a true modern French – style Château, surrounded by vineyards, and is equipped with the latest technology for the production of fine wines.

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