Chateau des Hospices

This vineyards are located on the terraces of the Tet, between the Catalan coastline and Perpignan. The marriage between the Mediterranean climate and the very stony calcareous clay soils give the wines a strong character. On the land of Aspres, the maritime wind refresh the vines and offer a precious humidity. This exposer creates an exceptional microclimate that gives the wines a remarkable balance between aromatic potency and fine tannins.

In the heart of Canet village, the Domaine’s cellar is housed in a wonderful building dating back to 1863( 5 generation) which is one of the oldest in the village. This building, known as the Hospices Cellar, is distinguished by its architecture and its period ceiling in reeds. This cellar, full of charm, marries beautifully the new technology of our cellar in a period enclosure, perfectly preserved.

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