La Haute Boissiere

In the sultry south, altitude matters. Wines from Domaine la Bouïssiere hail from some of the highest vineyards in Gigondas, and
thus are markedly more balanced, elegant and age-worthy than wines from the lowlands. In the 1960s, Antonin Faravel began
to carve his vineyards out of the crumbling stone cliffs of the Dentelles de Montmirail (pictured on the family’s wine labels).
He knew that the cooler temperatures and rocky soils would produce perfectly ripe grapes, with better acidic balance and lower
alcohol, too. While other winemakers quickly followed Antonin’s lead, Domaine la Bouïssiere without question is the original,
high-altitude Gigondas. Yet it certainly takes more than a mountain to make a world-class red. Antonin’s sons, winemakers
Thierry and Giles Faravel, border on the fanatical when it comes to the health of their vines and grapes. Theirs are wines that are
intimately tied to and faithfully reflect the rugged, sensual beauty of the Provençal landscape from which they’re born.

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