ll began in the 18th century when Bartolomeo Bortolomiol moved to Valdobbiadene to start an iron forging business for producing nails.It didn’t take him long to realize about the extraordinary value of the surrounding environment, the ideal place where to grow grapevines and enjoy their fruit. So he also started a wine making activity His descent is identified as i Ciodet, according to the all venetian custom of adding a nickname to the family, combining family kinship and work. The Ciodets are tireless workers, devoted to their shop and fans of well made things. Throughout the years they never abandon their farming activity, which they actually extend increasingly. With their grapes they produce wine that starts being known for its quality. Between the two wars Guglielmo Bortolomiol, called Gelmo, is a reference figure in Valdobbiadene, everyone counts on him in order to redeem contrasts and find agreements also for business. He grows grapes and sells his wine mostly locally.

In 1949 Labano, his second son, together with his brothers makes a further step and starts producing sparkling wine that starts being known and appreciated in Italy and worldwide. In 1976 he decides to undertake a personal bath and launches his own production called Ciodet.

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