Jacques Capsouto

In the 1980’s, Jacques Capsouto and his family pioneered a new frontier for restaurant goers with their restaurant “Capsouto Frères” in the yet unknown and still industrial Tribeca neighborhood of Manhattan. After more than three decades at the helm of this classic French Bistro and after becoming a true ambassador for Israeli wines, Jacques decided to become a vintner himself. At the age of 70, he followed his late mother’s advice to “do something for Israel” and planted 9 Rhone varieties in the Western Galillée where he now makes beautifully balanced cuvees named after his family members. In the midst of a sea of wines made all on the same model with international varieties, he is showing yet again his pioneering spirit and has obtained critical acclaim since his first vintage produced in 2014. He found land with the right altitude to allow the vineyard to benefit from cool nights and hired the expert advice of Jean-Luc Colombo of Cotes du Rhone fame to create the perfect blends.

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