Highberry (Biodiversity)

The Highberry farm is situated on the Schapenberg hillock overlooking False Bay. It shares borders with some of South Africa’s best known wine farms, including Vergelegen, Waterkloof and Journey’s End. This area ranks amongst South Africa’s most sought after for the crafting of top quality wines, because of its unique location and terroir.

Although a mere 3 miles from the ocean, our location on the slopes and atop Schapenberg results in vineyards located up to 200m above sea level. In addition, prevailing South-East winds blow off the sea during the summer growing season, ensuring an optimal cool climate for fruit development, producing wine grapes with real intensity and vibrancy. While the farm is classified within the Stellenbosch district, these cooler climate characteristics produce fruit budding dates that are generally 4 days later than the Stellenbosch average.

Fruit not used in the making of Highberry wines is sold to other well-known cellars in the region. A characteristic of Highberry’s farming venture has been its commitment to biodiversity: 12 hectares has been returned to its original indigenous habitat (Renosterveld)from previously planted alien pine trees. This has taken over 5 years to accomplish, but the results are now evident as the legendary Cape Floral Kingdom again comes to life, attracting birdlife and small wild animals alike.

Perched as it is at the top of the Schapenberg, Highberry is blessed with spectacular views of False Bay to the south, the Helderberg Mountain on the west and the Hottentots Holland Mountain range to the north and east of the farm.

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