Clos de Gat

Clos De Gat is situated in the foothills of the Judean mountains, bordering Israel’s Biblical Ayalon Valley, where Joshua defeated the five kings. An ancient “gat” (Hebrew for “wine press”) pre-dating the Roman period is located in the grounds of the modern winery, set in the heart of the Clos de Gat vineyards which covers an area of thirty-five acres (14 hectares). The region’s rolling hills and valleys have supported grape vine cultivation for thousands of years. The combination of thin topsoil on a bedrock of limestone, together with a unique microclimate makes it possible to grow grapes of outstanding quality. In 1998 winemaker Eyal Rotem in partnership with Kibbutz Harel, began planting vines and building a winery on the land surrounding his house. The winemaking style is strictly hands-off, avoiding the use of additives and relying instead on the grape’s natural yeasts to complete fermentation. Today Clos De Gat is considered by a majority of wine writers to be one of the best boutique (5000cs) wineries in Israel.

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