Chateau Fontainebleau-Biodynamic

Located in the commune of Val, between Brignoles and Cotignac in the Haut Var region, the Château Fontainebleau is nestled in the heart of a rustic countryside known as the “Provence Verte”. Framed by forests, bathed in warm light, this exceptional land is blessed with an abundance of water – springs, rivers and waterfalls are omnipresent, even in the domain’s name. This 150-hectare estate (27 hectares of which are planted with grapevines) is situated on an exceptional terrain made up of “red mudstone”, a luscious soil, rich in aromas that imparts a unique complexity and character in the wine. An “amphitheater” like aspect creates a cool microclimate, adding to the singularity of the land. The wine, therefore, has the finesse, freshness and expressive balance found in great vintages of the region.

Fontainebleau was long dormant, a forgotten land… until the arrival of Jean-Louis Bouchard in 2009. In 2013 he turned the reins over to Oenologist Valérie Courrèges and together they set out to revive a great vineyard.

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