Foivos Kefalonia

Ever since last century, the Winery, under the trademark Mantzavino, has been producing some of the finest Greek wines that gained fame all over the world, preserving a long family tradition at Paliki, Kefalonia (also spelled Cephalonia). This chapter was brought to an end in 1996.

From 1999 onwards, Foivos, the new proprietor of the estate, entered dynamically into the new era of the Winery, adopting its name and its emblem from the God of Light, Music and Harmony, Phoebus Apollo, who was worshiped at the ancient city of Pali (nowadays Lixouri) – especially in the rural region of Katogi where the Domaine vineyards are, and in the neighboring Dragon Cave of Gerogobos, as archaeological findings indicate – along with God Pan and the Nymphs, the deities of euphoria, dancing, wine and fun, those inseparable companions of God Dionysus.

Foivos S.A. embarked on a dynamic effort, utilizing the finest local vineyard varieties, in conjunction with their maturity and the idea climate of the island of Kefalonia. Parallel to these, it furnished the old winery with modern equipment, combining traditional wine-making methods with updated technology.

Seferis’ verse “Just spill a drop of wine in the lake and the sun fades away” inspires, gives momentum and sets the aims of this whole effort Travels through the Ionian between Zakynthos and Lefkada, the azure Ionian bathes the coves and beaches of its largest island Cephalonia.

The lush green landscape of mountains and hills blends seamlessly with the vivid blue of the sea, and brings to life unexpected geological formations, mysterious caves, and natural phenomena that science has yet to explain. The beauty of the natural landscape teems with rare plants and animals. The ageless, untamed mountain horses hide among the tall, black Cephalonia Fir trees that cover the slopes of Mount Ainos, which rises majestically in the centre of the island.

The diversity and riches of the land are celebrated during the Robola and Mavrodaphne grape harvests, they are sung about in the island’s local songs, the cantatas, and have been blessed by miracles performed by the island’s patron saint.

In places where the traveler’s eye discerns Venetian castles and Mycenaean remains, something of the magnificence of Odysseus leads him on a nostalgic journey through the contrasts between the wild and the same. Ithaca, an island rich in history and culture, challenges even those who have not fallen to the siren’s song, to succumb to the magic of the landscape

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