Schloss Reihnartshausen

A bit over 700 years ago, on a late winter morning, Charlemagne was standing in his snow-surrounded palace at Ingelheim, on the left bank of the Rhine. As he looked across the river, the warrior-king noticed that the snow was already melting on the far bank and recognizing the potential of the sunny slopes used his unlimited powers of a Holy Roman emperor, ordering that grapevines be planted on the right bank. The vineyards flourished and the region became known as the Rheingau, celebrated for Germany’s most prestigious wines and the 80 hectares home of Schloss Reinhartshausen’s brilliant Riesling wines appreciated and praised by generations of nobility, clergy, enthusiasts, and citizens of the world. Six centuries have come and gone and the wonderful Riesling wines of Schloss Reinhartshasen remain unsurpassed. Today the estate is owned by Stefan Lergenmuller and his family Outstanding quality somewhat less expensive wines made at the Rheingau Estate of Chateau Schloss Reinhartshauen and while not as widely known becoming more popular each year because of the quality and value discovered in every bottle.

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