Amphorae Winery

Amphorae winery was founded in 2000 by Guy Rylov and winemaker Gil Shatsberg(today head winemaker for Recanati). Originally the wine was produced in an open pavilion at the Marura Farm. A few years ago all the production moved to a gorgeous stone building that was built at the entrance to the Farm. Both the production area and Visitors Center are located now in this building. In 2008 Dubov family purchased controlling ownership of the winery. In co-operation and partnership with Guy Rylov and one of the leading Israeli winemakers – Dr. Arkadiy Papikian, started developing and perfecting the winery, the winemaking and the wines. The winery hired one of the best known and respected winemakers in the world – Michel Rolland. Michel Rolland, from Bordeaux, who himself owns ten wineries and provides consulting services to dozens of wineries all over the world.Michel Rolland is considered to be one of the central figures in the world winemaking industry.It has been said that he brings his exceptional experience, skills and “magic touch,” – an integral part of all top quality wines.

Makura Farm is located at the heart of Western Carmel region. This area is one of the most ancient wine production locations not only in Israel, but in the world.

Back in Byzantine period, the Carmel area was famous for growing exceptional grapes and producing excellent wines. Ancient wine presses, along with other evidences of ancient viticulture were found here. The name “Carmel” is probably a deviation from the name “Kerem-El”, which in translation from Hebrew means “God’s Vineyard”. In ancient times this place was well known for its rich soils and one of the best places for agriculture, especially for growing olives and grapes:In recent years Amphorae added high quality grapes from the upper Galilee and Judean Hills regions.

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