El Regajal

The estate sits in a major river valley, surrounded by hills and knolls, and other nearby lateral valleys, and has a small stream running through it which has runoffs fed by filtrations from the ‘Mar de Ontígola’, the local artificial lake. The resident vegetation is primarily kermes oaks, which are gaining on the traditional La Mancha holly oak now in decline, intermingled with esparto grass, broom shrubs, thyme, olive trees, and vines.

The 16-hectare vineyard is located at an altitude of 500 to 600 metres above sea-level, and is distributed around the estate in four plots of agricultural land previously used for cereal crops.

El Regajal boasts a continental climate typical of the plateau, with cold winters and dry, hot summers. The tempering effect of the Tagus and Jarama rivers affords the region a unique microclimate. The soils are divided into three strata, chalky top-soil, sandy with gypsum in the middle, and loamy-clay at the bottom.

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