Nestled between Montalcino and Scansano are the hills of the Montecucco DOC. The Salustris have been a part of this landscape since the 1200s and the hills of Poggi del Sasso have been described by noted enologists as one of the premier microclimates in Tuscany. It is here that Mr. Salustri and his son have perfected their organic farming practice. “We only know the organic way because my father never knew any others.”

Throughout the growing season the grapes are monitored and two to four clusters of grapes are harvested before ripening to allow only the best clusters to achieve superiority. The consequence of this practice is that the Salustris have the lowest yields in Tuscany (about 4500 kilos per hectare), but ultimately they have the best fruit to work with when it is time to make wine. Mr. Salustri and his son select each grape on the vine before it is picked and brought to their new, updated facility where they crush and ferment in oak barrels, carefully punching down the cap three to four times per day.

The Santa Marta won a bronze medal in the largest organic wine competition held in Nuremburg Germany and the Grotte Rosse was included as one of the 100 best wines of the world by the Italian magazine “Bere”.

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