Prinz von Preussen

The most important distinction for the wines from the Prinz von Preussen Estate exists in their extraordinary Rheingau vineyard sites, Erbacher Honigberg, Erbacher Michelmark, Erbacher Steinmorgen and Kiedricher Sandgrub. The chateau is idyllically situated amidst the vineyards at the western end of Erbach, directly on the river Rhine and on the Rheingauer Riesling Route. The main estate lies on the southern slopes of the Rhine in the heart of the Rheingau between the famous wine-growing villages of Erbach and Hattenheim. Comprised of an aggregate 20 hectares nearly all of the individual sections are on sloped plantings with about 20 percent on steep terraced slopes, providing ideal sun exposure during the cooler German growing season, and perfect drainage. The wines of the estate are universally praised by wine lovers the world over and much of the wine’s reputation is indeed owed to Princess Marianne of the Netherlands, the divorced wife of Prince Albrecht of Prussia, who bought the vineyards in 1855 and brought it into the family of the von Preussen. Princess Marianne was both fond of and especially knowledgeable about wine and she did all that was necessary to bring about international recognition to the Estate, which includes some of the most iconic vineyards of the Rheingau. Fortunately, all her descendants followed the princess‘s uncompromising quest for quality, so today the Prinz von Preussen Estate still proudly represent the finest Rheingau wine culture.

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