Chateau de L’Engarran

Though the chateau was built in the 18th century, the story of the estate actually dates back to 1632 when it was originally purchased by Henri d’Engarran a well-known financier and developer in the Languedoc. Throughout its storied history, a number of eminent families have lived on the estate. One of them, Laurent Quetton St Georges, was a successful businessman who lived in Ontario for nearly twenty years around the turn of the 19th Century. St. George Street, near the University of Toronto, is named after him. He brought his family back to France to make wine at the Chateau de L’Engarran, a tradition which continues today. In 1923 the current owners, the Grill family, bought the estate. Women at l’Engarran are significant. For 25 years, a team of the two sisters, Diane Losfelt (the wine maker) and Constance Rérolle (sales), have been in charge of the winery. Diane and Constance share a passion for elegant wines which respect the terroir of the area. They have chosen the path of sustainable viticulture for almost 10 years.

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