Te Kairanga

The wine region of Martinborough is located at the foot of New Zealand’s North Island at a latitude of 40 degrees south. Here, a happy coincidence of geology and geography has created the perfect climate and terrain for Pinot Noir and aromatic wines. The stone-filled river terraces are free-draining while the topsoils vary from slope to slope. The Martinborough region is protected from harsh elements by mountains and enjoys long dry days and cool nights. The vines grow less vigorously in the cool, breezy conditions, so yields are lower and the flavours more intense. The long dry autumns provide the right balance of warm days (creating ripeness) and cool nights (providing elegance) for producing top quality Pinot Noir and other early-ripening varieties. The results speak for themselves – the Martinborough region is known internationally for consistently producing world-class wines. You can’t get more ‘Martinborough’ than TK. Te Kairanga is one of Martinborough’s founding vineyards established over 20 years ago. TK has six vineyards, each with its own distinctive characteristics, suited to different vines grown and tended in different ways.

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