Dal Maso-Montebello

Since the 1800s the Dal Maso family has been growing Garganega grapes. The winery has two main properties, for a total of 30 hectares: one situated in Montebello county in the heart of the Gambellara DOC area, the other on the sundrenched Colli Berici (Berici hills) area between Lonigo and Alonte. Gambelara Classico is one of the most ancient wines produced in Italy with documentation dating to 500 B.C. and the Garganega grape has always been grown on the hills surrounding Gambellara and Montebello. Dal Maso winery produces three types of white wine from these grapes. Gambellara Classico is fruity and fresh with a flowery aroma and the two crus are the perfect expression of the single vineyard, with floral notes in the wine and aromas that range from almond to elder.

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