Cantina Del Mandrolisai-Sorgono

The Mandrolisai cooperative winery was founded in 1952 and took its name from the region in which it operates. One of the most inland areas of Sardinia, Mandrolisai is among the most renowned traditional wine producing regions. The wine-growing vocation of the region stems from its ideal geographic characteristics. Lands on high hills, perfect sun exposure, long summers, and little rain ripen grapes to perfection even in the coolest years, making for excellent wines. The traditional quality and uniqueness of the wines of the region have earned Mandrolisai wines the title of V.Q.P.R.D. The village records show that Sorgono has three times as many one hundred year old citizens as the rest of western Europe. A group of researchers from the Queen Mary University of London give some credit for this record also to the polyphenol content of the area’s red wines (the mystery phenol is responsible for suppressing the producion of endothelin-1, a destructive molecule that plays a key part in coronary heart disease. So the famous red is called “Kentannos” (one hundred years) – the fountain of youth

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